Fitness and Entrepreneurship: How Health Affects Productivity

Exercise and Productivity
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As an Entrepreneur or as an Entrepreneur to be, time is and always will be your worst enemy. 24 hours is never enough when you have so much to do, from sending emails, answering emails, making sure everything is where it belongs and where it needs to be. So you tackle all these tasks as quickly and effectively as you can hoping that at the end of the day you can rest your head. Only to find out that even when you lay down and rest you are still thinking about WORK!

With so many things going on you can become tired, stressed and wanting to quit. But we all know if you quit nothing will ever get done. This can cause you to neglect your health and even the people around you. The more stressed and over worked that you become the less energy you will have to handle your everyday tasks. Having an exercise routine can actually help you become more productive and work in a more effective manner.

A NASA study compared people who exercised  regularly to those that do not exercise and they have found that those who did not exercise actually experienced a 50% drop in productivity after 7 hours of work. Meaning if you do take 30-60 minutes everyday to yourself to exercise you would be reaping the benefits in the long run. For entrepreneurs who pull in 12+ hours of work on the daily this would mean that you will feel less tired after 7 hours of work by just taking 1 hour to yourself and exercising.

Jogging for Productivity

Exercising is not only amazing for your body as it will get your heart pumping, which in return will get more blood and oxygen to your brain. What this means is you will be able to think clearly after you work out. This could mean you may come up with a brilliant idea right after you exercise.¬† You may be wondering, “how do I take an hour for exercising, when I have so much to do!?” The way to effectively exercise while having many things to do is to take 1 hour before work or 1 hour after work. Adding a walk, jog or run can be a great way to incorporate exercise without seeing it as another task that needs to be done.

Being an Entrepreneur and not having enough time during the day to finish everything you started can be a hassle, a very stressful one to say the least. But by incorporating some sort of fitness into your everyday routine, you can actually benefit from it and not feel as exhausted as you normally would if you did not exercise. Not only will you be doing something good for you and your body but your business will grow as well. You will now have more time and energy to dedicate to it.

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