Should Companies be Using Social Media Marketing 2015?

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The short answer: absofreakinglutely!

Yet the real question isn’t should you… but rather how should you use it?

And if you do one simple thing with your content you’ll drive your readers crazy with excitement and create a virtual click factory with your content.

First, let’s talk about the big problem with social media marketing

What you might notice on so many Facebook posts and Twitter feeds is a massive opportunity that’s being lost.  Now, you might be wondering what it is and it’s this:

Companies need to entertain their fans more than inform them.

I know this sounds crazy but let me explain it to you.  See, in a recent post by Social Media Examiner they made a bunch of predictions for social media trends in 2015.

One that caught my eye was “#2 Information Density Creates Hurdles.”  What this means is the amount of content that’s going to be on the will increase by 600% and your stuff will get harder to find.

Don’t sweat it though because there’s one thing you can do today to crash through the hurdles and guarantee your fans click your links.  And it has to do with creating just a tiny bit of curiosity.

When you create your content make your readers wonder what’s behind the link, create headlines that are mysterious but promise a huge benefit and just watch the traffic flow into your site.

Here’s a great example of a post I saw for a liver detox supplement:

“Could The Root In This Picture Act Like “A Gift From Heaven” For Your Liver…?”


This post currently has 498 likes and 157 shares and when you look at the comments people ask what it is and it gets clicks to the sales page.  So while your competition bores readers to death wit infographics reel them in with Infotainment instead.

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