Below are companies and resources that you can use to “create your own freedom”. Ever link offered is a company or product that currently uses, or somebody in our community uses.

Entrepreneur Resources

  • Informational

  • is a site that I look at daily. It offers numerous articles covering all aspects of business and entrepreneurship. is another site I look at daily. This site offers a lot of great information but what I take away most is from their “tech” and “social media” sections. is my go-to site for all things social media marketing. is the home page of the marketing guru himself, Seth Godin. It’s always worth a read!

  • Management

  • is web-based CRM application that enables you to forecast revenues and track leads, and a whole lot more. It’s one of the highest rated CRM’s out there and we definitely recommend it. is practical software that gets you organised so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply Get Things Done. This is a little known gem that we hope you check out. A great investment!

  • Marketing

  • Allows you harness the power of automation to organize your contacts, turn leads into customers and transform customers into raving fans. is a comprehensive marketing automation tool designed to offer businesses a complete suite of applications, including email marketing, website visitor tracking, lead management, social media management, reporting and analytics, as well as integrations with webinar and event planning. is a great email marketing software for beginners. It’s extremely easy to use and offers all the necessary features one would need to create effective email campaigns. is practical software that gets you organised so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply Get Things Done. This is a little known gem that we hope you check out. A great investment! allows you to manage social networks, schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure ROI right from your own private dashboard.

  • Customer Service

  • is a popular Web-based help desk software with a support ticket system and a self-service customer-support platform. Featuring integration with services such as Twitter, WordPress, Salesforce, and others. is a marketplace for assistants and workers. Each assistant has reviews, so you can see if your potential assistant is excellent or not. Search “virtual assistants,” “personal assistants,” and “executive assistants.”

    Travel Resources

  • Informational

  • Lonely Planet Guide Books My personal favorite when it comes to guide books. I like the look of their guides, organization, they’re light weight, and emphasize budget travel. travel guides highlight the best hotels, restaurants, and things to do all over the world. You can browse their in-depth travel information for great ideas and insider finds, plus smart travel tips.

  • Airfare

  • is a good flight search engine for fares leaving from the United States. They search a wide variety of airline and other flight brokers (Kayak is what is known as a meta search engine). I think they are a great starting point for searching for cheap airline tickets, especially if you are based in the US. is a great search engine. It always seems to find the best deals for international flights, I recommend starting here. monitors air lines and alerts you when tickets go on sale. They find a lot of unadvertised deals and I definitely recommend signing up for their news letter.

  • Accommodations

  • provides great resource and booking site for cheap hotels and other accommodation. Their interface is very user friendly as well. is a booking site that stands alone. They have a unique way of saving money for their customers. They basically say “we have a super rate on a 3 star hotel in Hollywood, California” and you book it without knowing the hotel. Yes, this can be scary but I will say that I’ve never been put up in a bad hotel, and furthermore I’ve saved a lot of money. is one of my favorite sites for accomidations. The site connects travelers with other folks who are willing to rent out their home, apartment, condo, or just a room. You can save a ton of money for very nice accommodations as well as make some great new friends.