10 Reasons to Travel with Your Partner

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Traveling is a lot of fun as it lets you experience new things that are beyond your comfort zone. However, it always feels so much better to go through these new experiences when you share them with your special someone compared to going through it alone or with a stranger.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should start traveling with your partner right now:

  1. You learn about each other better

During the beginning stages of any relationship, each person usually puts their best forward to try to impress the other, so it is hard to see one’s real personality during this time. Every challenge that you go through during travel will let you see each other’s true colors. Traveling, after all, forces you to adapt in situations that are outside your comfort zone.

  1. It provides more intimacy

Did you know that traveling gives couples more chance to be intimate with one another? According to a survey conducted by the US Travel Association in 2013, a majority of traveling couples have admitted to having a good and happy sex life. Cuddling under the sheets in a luxury hotel at some foreign country just sounds extremely romantic.

  1. You share new experiences together

Traveling is the best way to create and share long-lasting memories. Epic balloon rides, sky diving adventures and even simple things as strolling by the beach or the streets of an unfamiliar town becomes much more special when shared with the person that you love. Plus, the pictures and videos that you collect would look great on a wedding video montage.


  1. Your spending is put to the test

Money matters are the hardest, most difficult topic to discuss during marriage. Fortunately, though, traveling gives you the chance to see if your spending habits match up or not. There certainly will be a point where it won’t, but it will let you see if any of you are willing to compromise their spending habits to match the other.

  1. You learn to compromise

Relationships and marriage is all about compromise. You certainly cannot go on living under one roof doing everything you want, every single time. Traveling will put your relationship to the test and will let you see how much you are willing to compromise for each other. Perhaps it’s going – or not going – to a particular destination, choosing a mode of transportation or deciding which types of accommodation to go for. You and your partner will be forced to make quick decisions that will make each one comfortable.

  1. Your patience will be tested

More often than not, traveling puts you in a situation that is not necessarily the way you would have expected it. Delayed flights, missed trains and failed bookings are just among the many things you will encounter as a traveling couple and it will let you see how each one of you will react to these situations. Traveling will let you see the ugly side of your partner that you will otherwise not see in regular situations.


  1. Someone is there to cheer you up

When your patience is tested, getting back a good mood can be difficult – and this makes it hard to enjoy the rest of your trip. When you travel with your partner, you know you have someone who can always lift up your mood during the most frustrating moments. Plus, you can have someone to rely on to continue your transactions when it becomes hard to think clearly and rationally.

  1. You have an extra pair of helping hands

Traveling solo is fun, but getting bathroom breaks while lugging all of your belongings around is not. Doing everything on your own is difficult, but having your partner around to help you makes traveling a little less stressful. Would it not be so much better if you have someone else who can help watch over your money or your bags while you try to take a quick nap in between trips?

  1. It is the ultimate compatibility test

Sleepless nights, frustrating situations, long rides and other totally uncomfortable situations become even more difficult when you have another personality to deal with. If you are planning to take things seriously with your relationship, traveling is just the tip of the iceberg. Not being able to stand to your partner during these few days or weeks of travel could mean rough waters in the years ahead.

  • Three’s a crowd

Traveling in a group becomes much easier when you make use of a travel planning app. However, dealing with a lot of personalities, wants and preferences can be such a big hassle. Why not make your trip simpler by traveling with just your partner for most of the time? You can certainly meet up with friends along the way, but having just the two of you for most of the trip will give you just the right amount of flexibility and freedom to follow your travel plans.

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