Top 5 Places to Travel that Won’t Break The Bank

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Craving a summer getaway but can’t afford Paris? Look no further. I’ve done the research for you on the best places to travel this summer, in and out of the country, without seeing the insides of your pockets. Mountains, beaches, historic sites, and much more are all yours for the vacation of a lifetime.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is one of the cheapest places you can visit this summer. Picture it, the sprawling mountains, deep blue hot springs, and an abundant wildlife are all yours for the viewing. Once you pay the park fee, stay at a campground to experience all that Yellowstone can offer.

  1. San Domingo

If you prefer to go a little further out, try San Domingo. Get lost in the art and culture of San Domingo or lay back by the ocean. Either way you’re sure to have a good time. Our dollar is equivalent to 44.81 pesos making it one of the cheapest places to travel and also one of the most beautiful.

  1. Nashville, Tennessee

Back at the States, Nashville is calling. Travel locally to this home of music, where there’s good BBQ and cheap hotel rooms. Some of America’s finest history can be seen in the Music City.

  1. The Great Barrier Reef

If you’re craving the ocean go visit the Great Barrier Reef this summer. Flight prices have gone down significantly this year which makes it a perfect time to dive into the middle of a school of fish in one of the world’s greatest places to do it in.

  1. Key West, Florida

Another beautiful place to snorkel is Key West, Florida known for its relaxed atmosphere, beaches, and historical sites. Come visit the island that Ernest Hemmingway once loved, and experience the coastal glory for yourself. It might just make a writer out of you.

Wherever you go, this list is sure to leave your wallet intact with memories of incredible places that you can’t believe you almost passed up. Come explore the Caribbean or travel local, whichever destination you choose is sure to be unforgettable. Don’t miss out on the summer of a lifetime with rates you can’t refuse.

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