Top Apps for Small Businesses 2015

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Every year new business enterprises launch themselves into the market, and every year these small businesses need all the help they can get to reach the forefront of their respective industry, enter apps, that work to ensure these little guys have a fighting chance out there.

Some top apps for small businesses to watch out for this year are:

REFRESH: A well kept secret, this app is a magic solution for business meeting frequenters. By effortlessly syncing all your social media platforms, Refresh will keep you prepared and up-to-date with the latest information, keeping you miles ahead in the game.

IFTT: Short for “If This Then That”, it’s a wonder how we got anything done before this app. A digital power-punch that gets the job done without you doing any work is actually the most brilliant idea for program creators yet. With great power, comes great responsibility.

SUNRISE: Falling behind on your workload because of a slow calendar? Fear not, Sunrise is the solution to your scheduling problems. This app will make you punctual like a drill sergeant on caffeine; say goodbye to the calendar that comes with your phone today!

ASANA: This latest organizer app is your own personal butler. With Asana you never have to worry about micromanaging ever again. It efficiently distributes tasks and projects, manages and adds sub tasks and delivers snapshots of how everyone is keeping up with the deadlines. Must download!

These apps will help you save time and effort, and let you focus those saved aspects onto creatively moving your business forward. Staying ahead of the game means staying updated with the latest techno elements, and these apps will go a long way in keeping your business ahead of your competitors. Why do it when you can download it?

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