5 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

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For many people, the idea of leaving their day to day job and jumping into the world of entrepreneurship seems like a great idea. Unfortunately, for most it remains just an idea. While there are countless reasons to pursue a dream like starting your own business, there are some that are more important than others. Here are five of the best reasons to venture out and become an entrepreneur.

  1. Breaking the 40-Hour Workweek cycle

Showing up at the office each day might be okay for some people, but not everyone. If the idea of being a desk jockey for years simply to put in for retirement sounds dreadful, perhaps launching a business is exactly the change you need. While you may work some long hours, you will be in control.

  1. Eliminating income restrictions

At a standard job, salary schedules and supervisors set your pay level. As an entrepreneur, you can take on as much (or as little) work as you see fit. The earning potential of your business will be entirely up to you.

  1. Having control over your outcomes

In addition to having control over your hours and your income, the success or failure of your business is in your hands. This might seem scary, but any employee of a failing business understands the feeling of powerlessness that comes along with that situation.

  1. Creating something larger than yourself

Working a day job creates income, but working your business can create wealth. Having something that you built creates a lasting impact on the community you live in and something you can leave for your family when you retire.

  1. Pursuing your passion

Most people don’t dream of working every day at a restaurant. If you find yourself spending all your time at work dreaming about the job you would really want, consider creating it. As an entrepreneur, your dreams and vision will drive your daily business.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. There are big risks and a lot of work involved, but for the right individual with passion, vision, work ethic, and a little luck, the rewards are greater than you could imagine.

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