PPC Best Practices: Make Money Blogging

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In today’s day and age, a blog is a great tool to get information to the public. It gives the user the freedom to speak about the products and services that he or she wishes, and give proper insight based on the knowledge that he or she has. However, in order for a blog to be successful in the realms of monetary return, there are certain practices that must be performed.

One of the simplest ways is PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising. Based on the topic of your blog, there are relevant companies that will pay to have hosted ad space. Once you sign up for a provider, you will receive a text or image based code that you plant within your website. Now here comes the easy part. For every click that the ad gets you receive financial returns. The rate per click will vary based on how much traffic your site gets on a daily or monthly basis. Picture this like one of those ads that you see on the side of a building next to a busy intersection. The busier the intersection, the more the company hosting the ad and the company posting the ad benefit. So the end goal is to have the traffic of your blog grow, thus enhancing the opportunity for higher profits.

A way to optimize the PPC method is by varying the rate of the ad based on where it is located within your website. Just like when you read a magazine, there are certain areas that an ad will better catch the reader’s attention, thus deeming the specified location more lucrative. In the blogging world this is known as CTR, or Click-Through-Rate. Placing these ads at the beginning or directly after a post will entice the reader to click on it, much more than if the ad was less visible or hidden at the bottom of the page.

The monetary profit that you gain can also vary depending on the type of ad that is posted. An advertisement that markets a more expensive product is going to give you a higher return for the obvious reason of greater capital gained due to your marketing space. For example, large corporations offering large home loans will garner a higher CPC (Cost-Per-Click) than a local restaurant advertising their dining hours.

PPC Advertising is just one of many methods that can be used to make money blogging. By optimizing your target market and building your brand, you are more than likely to acquire higher viewership, thus creating a favorable venue for PPC Advertising.

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