Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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Whether it’s because you want to make some extra money on the side, or you want to become a full-time blogger and leave the office behind, earning from your blog can be a lucrative option. Just remember, it might take some time to start earning a serious wage from it, so pay attention to your financial situation from the beginning. Here are the top 5 ways to monetize your blog.

  1. Sell Stuff: This is one of the top ways to earn with your blog, using it as a platform for your goods or services. You can sell books that you’ve written, products that you have made yourself or items that you wish to sell second-hand.
  2. Advertising Programs: Programs such as Google AdSense lets you place ads on your blog and make money via pay-per-click. All you have to do is get people to the site and get them clicking.
  3. Reviews/Posts for Pay: Sponsored reviews or posts are a good way to earn from companies that wish to have somebody write about their products or services. They get more exposure through your blog, and you get money for content that stays on your website.
  4. Donations: If you think that enough people will wish to sponsor your efforts, you can set up a PayPal donation button or something similar. This can be for a trip, a new business venture or a service, for example.
  5. Blogging Networks: There are a range of networks that have bloggers publishing posts under the umbrella of a brand or company. The payment can come through flat fees or percentage of ad revenue. It’s also a good way to connect to a network of similar-minded bloggers.

There are plenty of other ways you can monetize your blog, so be sure to experiment and be creative when finding the right way for you and your site. If you’re serious about earning and willing to put in the work, you can reap the benefits.

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