5 Tech Trends for Small Businesses in 2015

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Technology trends, even in the business world, improve at dizzying speeds and the small business entrepreneur has to keep his finger on the pulse of any improvements and new services than can promote the business’ profit margin. These technology-focused trends are proactive revenue-increasing opportunities that promote a healthy balance sheet and allow a small business to retain its competitive edge. Technology has changed the way business is done by providing efficient management tools that focus on reducing overheads costs, and improving operation processes. We take a look at 5 tech trends for small businesses in 2015.

  1. Cloud-based storage solutions and applications

How to save time and money is almost like trying to find the holy grail of best business practices. Relying on cloud-based applications and storage solutions can streamline the operations of a business (data can be accessed at anytime and anywhere), and offer better improved collaborative opportunities and teamwork. Cloud computing is becoming a vital component in innovative business solutions.

  1. Mobile-friendly websites

It is no longer a choice, but a necessity for web-based businesses and e-commerce websites to invest in mobile-friendly versions. In a world-wide trend, prospective consumers are taking advantage of the convenience of online shopping, and they are using their mobile devices to do so. Small business owners cannot ignore the importance of ensuring mobile-friendly versions of their websites to capture the attention of smart and savvy shoppers.

  1. 3D Printing

The additive process involved in 3D printing enables small businesses to offer customized and individualized products to their customers. From producing on-demand parts to prototypes to a wealth of custom products, 3D printing can serve entrepreneurs of specialist industries across sectors.

  1. Integrated automation marketing tools

Small business owners can now swim in the bigger proverbial pond with the availability of all-inclusive marketing automation tools that promote and drive sales; freeing up entrepreneurial time so that business owners can spend more time on business growth strategies. Features of these affordable tools can include email messaging services, and CRM to raise awareness of products and services and to increase online visitor traffic.

  1. Data analytics

The best formulated strategies of a business are based on accurate data analysis. This is where data analytical software has found its forceful place – providing business leaders with useful accurate data. Entrepreneurs will have access to information like emerging trends and insights are invaluable to better understanding and consumer behaviors and predicting new market trends.

These trends offer small businesses improved operational efficiency at a lower cost, making them very hard to resist. Taking advantage of innovative tech trends is a game-changer for small businesses and a significant driver of profitability and operational performance.


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