Travel While Running a Business: Must Have Tech!

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Its 2015, times are changing, and more business owners are finding it possible to travel while fulfilling their business dreams. Travelling and running a business at the same time seems like an exciting lifestyle because it means complete freedom: one can work from anywhere, make their schedule and be their own boss. However, this can only be fulfilled with the right technology, which can enable the business owner to have all the practical information before landing in a new country. In fact, technology has given business owners the opportunity to live life on their own terms. So, before you pack your bags to travel and explore far-off lands, it is important to take note of the following technologies that can enable you to run your business effectively.


There are several reasons why a business owner should carry a smartphone during a trip. Smartphones are reliable because they can perform several tasks that initially required separate devices. For those travelers who are not working on the road, a smartphone may be the only device needed.

Despite having less weight, smartphones can perform the function of multiple devices. Smartphones can act as calculators, alarm clock, map, flashlight or even a music player when you walk down the beach, and you need to listen to your favorite jam. It has become much easier to be connected with smartphones without having to use cell data. You can open your Facebook or Twitter using Wi-Fi that is available in hotels, airports, cafes, or on the train and still perform your main tasks without having to worry about being in one location. Smartphones also come with hundreds of useful applications that can help in running your business. These include guidebooks, Google maps, currency conversion apps, and travel apps.

Laptops and Tablets

For regular travelers, laptops come in handy because they can enable you go through your work schedule and tasks as you wait for your coffee in a cafe somewhere in a foreign country. The choice of a laptop should be something small and light, one that has a longer battery life and can easily fit inside a bag. The laptop should be able to run all the necessary software including business software’s, teleconferencing software’s, Microsoft Office applications, spreadsheet and web browsing. The choice of a laptop depends on the traveler’s preference, but Apple seems to have done much justice with their MacBook Air that mostly MacBook Airtargets business travelers.We are talking sleek, design, versatility and performance all put together. Powerful laptops are becoming popular, meaning that investing in a nice laptop can eliminate the need to carry other devices.

For other tasks that may not require a keyboard, business travelers can consider a tablet. Tablet perform similar functions to laptops although they are less bulky and are recommended for performing tasks that do not involve typing. These tasks include taking touchscreen notes, skyping, and sending text messages. Tablets offer a larger screen and longer battery life compared to smartphones. The larger screen makes it easier to perform tasks because they are a lot easier on the eyes for those looking to undertake tasks that need a touchscreen.

A portable battery pack

A dead battery is the last thing to expect when exploring far-off places. That means it is important for the traveler to carry a portable battery pack. Charging the devices while you are on a train or place can save the inconveniences of a dead battery. Travelers should aim for a portable battery pack that has the largest capacity to ensure all the devices are fully charged and ready for use.

Cloud Storage

As much as the business traveler may be carrying a smartphone, laptop or tablet, it is still possible to lose track of important plans or documents. Therefore, it is important to have a cloud storage that can act as a backup iCloud Storagen case you lose photos, documents or important schedules. The most common storage services include OneDrive and Google Drive, which allow people to transfer documents or emails for proper storage. Once the traveler has the app, it is possible to access backed up information from anywhere and at any time. In case your only documents are hardcopy, it can be helpful to scan such documents and upload them for safe keeping. Backup is crucial, and every business owner is should understand better.

Noise-canceling headphones and Bluetooth speakers

Working in a faraway location can be fun but not when there is so much noise in the background. You can eliminate any distractions by buying noise-canceling headphones. Such headphones help in maintaining concentration and ensuring you do not get distracted. These bose noice canceling head phonesheadphones also come in handy when traveling, especially if you find yourself in the subway or sitting near the engine of your plane and you have to send a report that needs your concentration.

Blue tooth speakers can be used in making and receiving phone calls because they have built-in microphones. Travelling can mean having long conversations with your employees and these speakers win compared to using the smartphone speakers. You can connect your blue tooth speakers with your phone and have a long conversation with your employee about the day’s sales without having to worry that your phone will be heated. 

Times are changing, and what business owners need is the freedom to work from any location. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, cloud storage, noise-canceling headphones and Bluetooth speakers have made it easier to run a business while traveling. For anyone running a business, chances are high that you may have to travel, whether you are going to an international conference or just taking a vacation. What is important is to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly, and you can only do this by equipping yourself with the right technology. You should still be able to send emails, teleconference, backup data, write reports and send texts in a faraway land. All these is possible with the right tech, meaning you can regularly travel without affecting your business. These technologies have given business owners more opportunities to live life on their own terms. These technologies have brought freedom in the business world.

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