Top 5 Most Exotic English-Speaking Countries to Travel To

English Speaking Countries to Travel To
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Do you plan on sightseeing or taking a business trip? Maybe you only speak English and that’s deterring you from ventures to other places. Luckily, you have some great choices where you won’t have to develop a knack for another language. Of course, learning more languages is great but don’t fret if you haven’t the spare time. Here are 5 exotic English-speaking countries you can travel to.


The Bahamas

What can you say about this country that hasn’t already been said? It’s a beautiful place with 700 tiny islands and a great mix of culture and music. Take a tourist trip throughout Atlantis and get your pirate feel like Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean.” While you’re at it, taste some delicious conch from the sea and mix it with some pigeon peas and rice for a great meal. If you plan on going there during your Christmas vacation, be sure to check out Junkanoo (a beautiful festival on¬†December 26¬†in the capital, Nassau).



Now you may ponder through your cranium “Belize? Why?” Why not? It’s the only country in Central America that speaks English as its national language. What makes this country special is it has ties to Central America and the Caribbean. There are great white sand beaches making it perfect for water activity. Also, you can check out some ancient Mayan pyramids in places like El Caracol. With the mix of people indigenous to Belize, mestizos, Mayans, and others, you’ll get a great array of cuisine and culture.

New Zealand


This is another beautiful island country just 900 miles east of Australia. You’ll see a great Asian and Maori influence besides the pre-dominate European vibe. While Wellington is the capital, Auckland is the most populous city in New Zealand. There are a lot of great parks in the area making it perfect for Rugby (one of their national sports). Queen Street is certainly a great place in Auckland to do shopping and see great sites.



Yes, a country in the great continent of Africa that speaks predominantly English and Swahili (the native tongue). If you love adventure and wildlife, this is certainly the place for you! You get a great mix of not only a savannah making for great trips outdoor, but you get a colder climate heading towards Nairobi. Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa and there’s permanent snow right at the tip. While there are a lot of tribal traditions throughout the Maasai, Kenya does have a flourishing theater, music, and television scene. Whether you want to go on a safari or climb a snowy mountain, there’s a lot of adventure in Kenya.



This is another great location that combines multiple cultures. It’s a great place in South America that has a Caribbean and Indian kind of mesh as well. The scenery is beautiful stemming from the Amazon rainforest. Seeing some exotic animals is just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy a Caribbean feast with cookup rice, roti, and curry chicken after a grueling game of cricket. Get to know the beautiful culture and great mix of Asian, African, and European people in this incredible country.

As you can see, you don’t have to limit yourself to European countries to enjoy your time away from home. You’ll get a much richer experience throughout South America, Central America, Africa, and other places on the globe. Take time and enrich your worldly experience by traveling outside of your comfort zone.

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